Here is a short students guide to this year’s best spring fashion trends.

Bermuda Shorts

Denim Bermuda Shorts are my personal favourite but you can getchinobermudashort them in all different colours and materials. Top Tip – if you live in a colder region e.g. Scotland or Ireland just wear a pair of leggings or tights with them – I recommend black ones as its easier to match them with what you’re wearing and also your skin and hair colouring. (You can get these Chino Bermuda Shorts from Matalan.)

Faux Leather Jackets/ Skirts/Dresses

23P04KMUL_largeFaux Leather is back in fashion and has been for quite a while now, although it’s easy to see why – it looks good, cool, it’s comfortable, generally robust and keeps you warm, oh and black and brown faux ¬†leather also goes with a lot of clothes. (I’m loving this vintage effect faux leather jacket from Miss Selfridge.

Low Heeled Shoes

Comfortable on the feet, feminine and pretty – what’s not to love?shoes Top Tip – Pair them with a pretty ladylike handbag that matches the colour of the shoes for a perfect combo. (Also ideal for job interviews/work experience.) You can get these low heeled pointed court shoes from Debehnams.

rucksackUltimate Star Buy – Pretty Rucksacks

If you’re like me some days you have a lot of books to carry to university or college. These bags are big enough to fit a substantial amount of stuff but also look nice so you don’t have to treck in to a lecture with a big monstrosity of a bag. (Top Tip – for those of you who wear leather or denim, why not pair it with this rucksack from New Look.

by Jemma McGuffie


4 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Trends 2013

  1. Good idea, I’ve been through three bags in the first semester because they’ve wripped, not been big enough or split open at the bottom. I’ll be taking a look at New Look and see if I can get a rucksack there. Thanks for the advice. =D

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