“Celebrate Good Times, Come On…!” StudentHouseParty

Nothing quite beats a great house party – they are generally free to attend and you usually know a fair amount of people attending. Not to mention the free entertainment, banter and of course if it’s a good one there’s bound to be a great atmosphere to lap up. If you haven’t been to one before you might  be a little clueless when it comes to – what to wear, what to bring and what rules to follow, so I have sorted you out with a nifty free House Party Survival Guide.

Rule Number One – Arrange to go to the Party with a group of friends, that way you’re not walking in looking like a loner… Eeek…

Rule Number Two – Take drink and tasty snacks with you so you’re not known as the Stinge days to come after.

Rule Number Three – Plan what you’re wearing a few days beforehand so you feel prepared rather than rushed and panicked.

casualoutfitRule Number Four – Don’t ever wear white – drinks may probably most likely be spilled over you.

Rule Number Five – Wear casual clothes and accessories that you don’t mind ruining – head to Primark or New Look  a few days beforehand and you’re sorted. (New Look offers a student discount)

Rule Number Six – Dress in layers so if it gets hot you can take clothes off, rather than stripping to your underwear – others might not want to see that… Eeeek.

Rule Number Seven – Do your very best not to be ‘the one standing in the corner.’ People won’t want to go over and talk to you if you look unsocial and boring. So make sure you stick in with the crowd and look like you’re having fun.

Rule Number Eight – (IMPORTANT ONE) Do not in any circumstance put your drink down and go back and drink it – someone may have spiked it.

Rule Number Nine – Wear comfortable shoes so that you’re not hobbling around in your bare feet at the end – nobody likes a moaner.

AND Rule Number Ten – Have a great time!

By Jemma McGuffie

If you would like to contribute any information to this blog post or simply give feedback on it then please comment below, thank you.


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