Dressing For An Interview


Wouldn’t it be good if your interview went as smoothly as this one?

There are three qualities that make you stand out as not only an employable individual but also someone who draws in friends and can makes contacts easily. The main one, that people see straight away and can be what gets you hired or what makes you not even considered for the job is the way you present yourself.

The mistake people often make is wearing wacky clothes in order to stand out. Although it is good to be the main person left in the employer’s thoughts, you want it to be for a good reason not because they thought you looked like a bit of a nutter.

Keep it simple – aim for professional but use this trick to subtly stand out without being described as Dizzee Rascal’s song ‘’Bonkers.’

Rule Number One

Research what other people usually wear to the interview you are going to. I.E if you are going to an interview for a sales assistant job at Topshop you want your outfit to be fashionable and of course from Topshop so check out their shop and buy an outfit from there.

These gorgeous heels are from lkbennet.com

These gorgeous heels are from lkbennet.com

Another example would be if you’re going to an interview for a job as a receptionist in an office then wear something smart casual – no this is not a mistake – the look means you can feel comfortable but look smart. How to get it – wear black fitted trousers, a nice blouse or shirt, a cardigan or blazer, kitten heels or black business shoes.

Rule Number Two

Wear minimal make-up – foundation, blusher, lip-gloss and mascara. Even if you’re tempted to cake on some eye-shadow and draw in those pencil eyebrows and fill in your lower lids with eye-liner – resist the urge – don’t. I know the pain – I’m a makeup addict myself.

Rule Number Three

Just smile and relax.

Just smile and relax. If you pretend to be cool, happy and laid back, your body will get used to it and before you know it you want even know you’re faking it, it will just come naturally. Body posture is included in this too – make sure you’re head is held reasonably high, you’re back is straight and in no means do not slouch.

By Jemma McGuffie


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