by Jemma McGuffie

Juggling an unpaid work position with stressful uni or college work, not to mention all of the nights out you’ve got planned may not seem like much fun. However it is beneficial to you in more ways than you might think. 

Gaining Free Training and Experience for your future dream job

Now this has to be the main reason you volunteer, especially in this current climate when jobs are hard to find. It is now trending that more and more young people are going on work placements to gain experience and sometimes even free training in the job they wish to partake after leaving university.

Meeting New and Interesting People

In many cases students who volunteer not only gain valuable experiences but will end up gaining great contacts that will lead them to jobs in the future.

Finding out whether the job you want to do in the future is actually the right one for you.

Quite a few of my classmates from college who went on work experience realised that working for a newspaper or for a radio station just wasn’t for them. Others who never thought they wanted to be a radio presenter decided after undertaking work experience doing it now liked the idea of being one.

Websites on more information on how to be a volunteer 




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