By Jemma McGuffie

Like many students I always find it difficult choosing what to wear on Halloween.  So after a bit of researching I’ve came up with a few costume ideas, taken from characters from films that came out this year. 

Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. Why wouldn’t you want to be like her?  She’s strong-willed, intelligent, pretty, street-smart, determined and she can kick ass with a bow and arrow.

What you will need

A warm black or brown  jacket, hiking boots, a black v-neck top, a pair of military green cargo trousers, a mocking-jay pin and of course a fake bow and arrow set, which you should be able to get in a Halloween Costume Shop. You may also want to purchase a braided, brown wig or you could put your hair into a braid yourself.

Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman. Okay she maybe evil but she certainly knows how to make an entrance and make jaws drop with envy.

What you will need 

A long, sequinned, black dress with long flowing sleeves and a winged collar, a crown and a fake dagger, which you should be able to purchase from a Halloween Costume Shop.

Extra tip – if you don’t have blonde hair you might want to buy a blonde, slightly curly wig or if you do curl it or put it into her infamous up-do.

Black Widow from The Avengers. Lets just start off by saying she was voted the 31st sexiest woman in comics by the Comics Buyers Guide. No more said.

What you will need 

A black jumpsuit, a black belt, long black boots and if you don’t have short red hair, buy a short red curly wig.

However if you want to frighten the socks off of your fellow students then this is who you want to be, this Halloween – The  Woman in Black.

What you will need

A black victorian dress, pasty white makeup, red eyeshadow, a  vintage style percher black hat,  black gloves and black boots. Tie your hair up for a severe-victorian lady look.


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