When you’re in a clothes shop, looking for a nice outfit you don’t expect to be treated differently from other customers just because of the way you look, do you?

So a staff member should definitely not enforce that judgement on a person, just because of their age, whether they are young or old alike.

Nobody should be treated differently in a shop or public outlet, unless they are covering their face or are acting suspiciously.

But time and time again I find myself walking into places – such as cinemas, public transport, cafes and shops and subsequently find myself being treated badly by members of staff just because I am classified as a youth.

On a recent trip to the cinema, a staff member there rudely ordered me to stand in a line outside the screening hall when the screening for the film wasn’t busy and I had been the first person there.

In another instance when I went to the supermarket I browsed the alcohol aisle and moments later a security guard appeared and stood beside me, staring at me and making me feel uncomfortable.

And then in an outing, out with one of my friends we went into a bar/restaurant, which I won’t name for legal reasons. We ordered two hot chocolates and because it was after 6pm they asked us for ID and because one of us didn’t have it we were kicked out.

It is not just me who faces this unfair treatment every week, others do too and I feel that in this day in age prejudice shown to anyone is unacceptable.


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