I looked at a range of different apps on my iPod and tried to find  the best apps for students, whether they are gamers, music lovers, social networking users, entertainment watchers or like educational apps.

Apps for Gamers

Chaos Rings
The synopsis reads: “You’re fighting for your life in the Ark Arena. Battle enemies as you do everything you can to survive the tournament and learn your true fate. Along the way, you’ll encounter secret weapons and hidden bosses. Do you have what it takes to survive?”
This game is for fans of role-playing and fighting and takes you out of you’re normal everyday life.
Price – £8.99

Real Racing 2
The synopsis reads: “A handheld racing experience like no other. Choose from over 30 cars, each with unique performance characteristics. Race through 15 different locations with more than 40 miles of racetracks, speedways, and more. But don’t tap the brakes — the competition is right behind.”
If you like racing games, you will love this as there are plenty of locations to race in and when you play it you feel like you are actually racing as it’s so realistic due to it’s stunning graphics.
Price – £2.99

Madden NFL 12
The synopsis reads: “Bring the intensity of the gridiron to your iPod touch with the definitive football experience. With Total Defensive Control, enhanced visuals, and the ability to choose plays on the fly, you’ll be bringing that Lombardi trophy back to your city in no time.”
Fans of sport and sports games will enjoy this as it’s been quoted by many of it’s users and purchasers as being the “ultimate football experience.”
Price – £2.99

 Free Games 


The synopsis reads: “Snake is one of the most classic and popular casual games in the world, this site is a humble tribute to this amazing game.
Choose the difficulty level, and move the snake with the arrow keys while avoiding the walls and the Snake’s body.”
Fans of classic games that take them back to their childhood will enjoy this and so will fans of arcade and basic levelling up games.


The synopsis reads: “The game of Monopoly is a real-estate trading game developed in the first half of the twentieth century.
The premise of the game is that eventually, due to market forces simulated within the game as properties are bought, sold and leased, a monopoly will eventuate.
The person owning this monopoly is then declared the winner.”
Fans of classic games and money-making strategy games will like this.

Bakery Story, Fashion Story and Restaurant Story
These games are all made by the same company and are relatively built on the same idea. All of the games are built on the medium of making your own business, whether it be clothes shop, cafe or restaurant.
The games are recommended for  people who enjoy playing simulator games like the Sims.

Most addictive game out at the moment
After playing all of the games, I felt that Temple Run was the most addictive, free game out at the moment.
The synopsis reads: “In Temple Run you play as a treasure hunter who’s on the escape after stealing a secret idol from an ancient temple. One thing is certain – If you like adrenalin rush then this is your game!”
“Use your special powers to avoid dangers and cheat death time and time again! Collect all coins and unlock hidden treasures, all while running your ass off in a speed which wouldn’t shame a cheetah! Don’t forget to stretch your legs before you start, cause you’re gonna run like a madman! Run For Your Life!”


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