With one and five young people now unemployed and the shortage of university and college places, what can Scottish students do?

The rise in Glasgow youngsters leaving school for further education is a big worry for Scottish students applying for a place at University or College.

Not to mention the increase of non-EU students and people living outside Scotland also competing for places at University due to an increase in tuition fees.

SAAS have revealed that applications to Universities in Scotland have risen by 11 per cent.
Whereas applications to English, Wales and some Irish Universities, have seen substantial decreases.
Statistics from SAAS show that applications to universities in England are down by 3 per cent.

The Scottish government will pay only £5,000 a year for Scottish students studying on many courses, leaving universities to make up the shortfall from investment and business opportunities.
Some Scottish Universities have considered using a new scheme — charging students from outside the UK up to £9,000 in tuition fees to help fund the closing gap.

Last month a spokeswoman for Glasgow University said: “We are pleased our applications from the rest of the UK and internationally have all increased.

She added “This is a welcome vote of confidence from students regarding the quality of education and the wider student experience at Glasgow, one of Scotland’s world-class universities.”

Although the figures will benefit Universities in Scotland, it will decrease student’s chances of getting their dream place in higher education.

I feel that this and the lack of jobs have inevitably contributed to the amount of students unemployed in Scotland.

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For more information you can view the PowerPoint below on students graduating to unemployment.
Students Graduating to Unemployment PowerPoint


2 thoughts on “Students Suffer as Unemployment Escalates

  1. Well I’m not pleased and I don’t think many other uni hopefuls will be either. There’s not enough jobs out there for even half the unemployed population, so if we don’t get a job and we don’t get into uni, what are we supposed to do? Live off of jobseeker, with nothing to do because the average person on that benefit only gets £50 a week – how are we supposed to survive on that? But then again aren’t there rumours that the government are going to cut jobseekers too? Well thanks a lot David Cameron – you really are a big help…

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