I’m sure most of us have been in that situation when we force a smile to mask how we are really feeling inside.
But is it really worth the effort?

Advantages of smiling

—It makes us look attractive

—It  can change our mood –  we  can feel happier if we act happier

—It’s contagious – so once you smile others will probably smile too
—It relieves stress
—It can boost your immune system
—It can lower your blood pressure
—It releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin
—It can make you look younger

Disadvantages of smiling
—It can look uncool and a little crazy if faked
—People won’t know how you really feel inside
— It can give you a sore face, if done too much, ouch my face is in pain already, just thinking about it…

Looking into it all, the only reason you shouldn’t smile is if you are really upset about something because keeping it in will just make things worse. And of course if something really bad has happened because well that just looks insensitive.


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