After looking at your comments on the article the Joys of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century, I decided to create a spin off article based on some of your opinions.

I asked you all — how many times you use your student discount and the results were: 66.7% voted at least once every week and 33.3% voted that they used their student discount once every month.

I then read over your comments the first one that struck me was Jake Stu McCard’s comment.
He said: “I’m disgusted at Scotrail for doing this to students.
I am a student myself and I travel into Glasgow from Dumbarton and it costs me £6.40. I am 20, so over 19, like yourself so I am not “eligible” for a student discounted ticket.
My friend comes from Edinburgh and it costs him £19.40 per day and he’s at uni – three days a week so that costs him £58.20 every week. Again we have to travel before 9, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be at uni on time.”
There is no question about it, many students are being over charged by Scotrail.

The real question is — what can we do to save money or step around the charge?
There are different steps you can take — you can either travel after 9.15 am and travel using the anytime ticket, which is cheaper.
Or you can travel after 10am using the anytime day ticket and if you have a 16-25 Railcard, you can use that too, which gives you one third off your train ticket.
But if neither of these options suit you then have you considered taking out a season ticket or a Rovers and Rangers ticket?

Blogger, Becca has suggested changing your method of transport and getting the bus instead of the train.

She said: “If you are really that bothered, you could always just get the bus which is cheaper.”

The real problem about using the bus for many is the fact that the bus is a slower method of travel, it can be an inconvenience, whereas Scotrail, although pricey offers a more frequent service.

If you are like me and only travel into college or uni three days a week but travel in from a long distance then you should think about taking out the flexipass, which gives you a considerable discount.


One thought on “Spin off article for the Joys of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century

  1. I think I’ll be taking out the flexipass — it means I’ll save so much as I come into Glasgow from Edinburgh but how much will that cost me? And how much would I save?

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