Are posting photos of children on Facebook, okay?

As long as your Facebook page has been secured by making it private, then it should be safe.

You can also choose, who you want to access those pictures.

If you right click the picture, a dialogue box will appear, which will give you a choice of different categories of people, such as friends and family.

Before you upload a picture of people who are younger than 18, ask for their permission.

You may find that if you don’t they will unfriend you or worse or you may even be sued for invasion of privacy.

What does an expert think?

Stephen Balkam, chief executive of the Family Online Safety Institute said: “Research shows that there is virtually no risk of paedophiles coming to get kids because they found them online.”

While the debate makes this crime seem common, he said, all the talk is really just “techno-panic.”

Other Students views on this topic

Emor said: “I haven’t but I’m kind of neutral on the entire thing.”
“I don’t see why it’s acceptable to upload pictures of people as children without asking them.”

“I’ve untagged my self from these pictures and left it at that, and I know it’s unlikely that people I know will see them, but it still irritates me that they’re out there… “

Jessica Ann said: “I always put cute baby and toddler photos up.”

“I have sisters who live in Ireland and don’t have access to them straight away so Facebook is the most instant way for them to see it again.”

“I have lots of friends who went through phases of making their bbm display picture them as a baby… I personally found it quite interesting to see how they’d changed”

Kayleigh said: ““I don’t have a problem with it at all.”

She added: “It’s just a picture, if someone is bothered about the picture you should blur out his or her face.”

Kieran said: “It’s fine, it’s up to your own discretion.

He added: “They run the risk of lots of people seeing it, but they can always make it private.”

Jason said: “I don’t mind.”

He added: “As long as you aren’t friends with any dodgy people on Facebook, then it’s fine.”

  • A Few Rules for posting images of children are:
  • No bathtub shots or anything provocative. However cute you might think the picture is, it doesn’t belong online.
  • Avoid posting anything that can be used to identify the child’s location, like a baseball team logo or school banner.
  • Do not post photos or tag photos of other children without the express approval of their parents or them if they are now over eighteen.
  • Use strict privacy settings, but keep in mind that however secure your Facebook page might be, a photo can quickly pass beyond your own list of friends.

One thought on “Secure My Online World Please?

  1. Perhaps I’m just paranoid, but I wouldn’t post any photos of my children online (if I had any). I have plenty of friends with kids who plaster them all over Facebook as their display pictures, or have photo albums dedicated to their early years, and while it is cute, perhaps it’s the kind of thing that can be saved for an actual photo album. Storing those pics on your computer is even fine, since this is the digital age, but once you put an image on to the internet it can spread. There are people on the web who children need to be shielded from. But hey, if they’re not my kids, I’m not gonna dictate. Just don’t ever expect to see mine on my Facebook.

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