Are you Planning on Cutting back this Christmas?

The life of a poor student isn’t easy, especially during the first few months coming up to Christmas. However it doesn’t need to be hard, there are many ways to buy as much as normal but at the same time spend less.

Reducing your Christmas budget doesn’t need to be such a tragedy anymore. You can now shop around for the same item but at a lower price.

Internet sites have made this job a lot easier. Websites such as eBay, Amazon, Price Runner and so on are great websites, where you can look up items and compare their prices.

Another way to spend less on Christmas presents is to make them yourself.

The easiest gifts to make are cakes, biscuits, stuffed toys, calendars, paintings or you could create a mixed CD of some of their favourite songs.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about cutting back, as one in three households in Britain are planning on doing it this year.

But you should start preparing for Christmas now, as 68% of Scots have stated that they have what they need to fund a merry Christmas already.


One thought on “Christmas Cut Backs?

  1. I didn’t know that 1 in 3 households in Britain are cutting back on their Christmas budget. It really is shocking that times are that tough, I blame it on the current and past government. Give us a better government next time please!

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