In-App purchases made out of pure greed?

The average IPod costs £100 but for some, one mistake on it can result in paying more than double of that.

This new social trend may have its benefits such as keeping up to date with friends and having access to millions of helpful apps such as a calculator, calendar, phonebook, ITunes, weather updates, email, Youtube and other utilities. On the other hand it has a lot of useless, pointless apps such as distracting games, quizzes and apps that don’t even work. But for many the worst element of the IPod, IPhone and IPad is the in app purchases that you can buy accidentally.

Smurf Village from Capcom Interactive is infamous example of such a game as it allows the purchase of a £100 wagon of smurfberries. Other titles that have led to people building up massive bills includes Bakery Story, Fashion Story, Tap Zoo, City Story and ZombieLife.

If you don’t want to be one of the many people who accidentally buys something in an app then read on.  Go onto the settings option in your IPod, IPad or IPhone and click on general, then In-App Purchases and switch it off.


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