If you are thinking about moving out into shared accommodation consider its benefits and drawbacks before making the move.

19-year-old, journalism student, Kieran Banister who is currently studying at the City of Glasgow College tells me that there are disadvantages and advantages about living in a shared flat.

 He said: “Compared to living with my parents, it’s great – I get a lot more freedom to do what I want.”

“You have more responsibilities and the freedom you have can sometimes get in the way of your studies. 

“Whereas at home you are more likely to be guided and pushed into doing things.” 

He added: “You also tend to miss certain things like your parents taking control of chores, like making dinner and washing dishes.” 

If you are still not sure whether to move into a shared flat or not, read on.

Who could you move in with?

If you don’t have any friends who need a roommate and you don’t like the idea of living with strangers, then you shouldn’t move into a shared flat.

Can you afford it?

Always check how much rent the flat mate is asking for, for obvious reasons.

Can you cook?

If you can’t cook take a cooking class or save money by getting a relative or friend who can cook show you the ropes.  Ordering takeaways and eating out every night is not a realistic option, especially if you’re on a budget.

 Is it in the right area?

Make sure you are at a reasonable distance away from your university or college. Also find out if it is near newsagents, train station, bus station or if you have a car, a car park.

 Can you follow their rules?

Different people will have different ways of doing things. One being rotas – on it could be roles for each roommate such as cleaning and cooking.

Does the flat come with vital equipment or facilities?

If you have a portable, electronic, device that you can take with you then you’re sorted. You should also make sure the flat has Wi-Fi /Internet connection.

 Is the flat in a nice area?

Always research the area before you even consider moving into the flat.

 Will your room be secure?

Check how sturdy the lock is and if there is a security alarm in the flat.

 Are there penalties for late bill payments?

Always check this as you as you may end up in a bad financial situation.

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