No-one wants to be unemployable, especially in today’s current climate. But what do you do if you can’t get a job? Improve yourself academically, by applying to university or college. That’s why many people in Scotland are becoming a student. Some people juggle a job and education at the same time.

The pros of being a student: meeting a diverse group of people, feeling like you belong and are doing something worthwhile, gaining qualifications, feeling more independent, getting more experiences and helping you to achieve your dream goal in life.

graduation day at university

Meeting a diverse group of people

One of the pros is finding out more about different cultures and religions, so that when you are confronted with others who are different from you, you can understand them, more.  It also prepares you for the outside world, when you have to work. You may even find a culture that you would like to participate in. Such as fine arts and humanities, which is known as high culture.

Feeling like you belong and are doing something worthwhile

When you feel like belong and are doing something worthwhile, you are made to feel more positive about life. This can include health benefits and gaining new social skills. This can in turn make you more employable, to potential employees.


I am a student, and I feel that since leaving school and studying at college I have gained independence. Through independence you meet new people and your thoughts on certain subjects change. Like for instance, before you started studying at college you weren’t open to trying new things but once you started going to college you get asked out to trips away from home. From it being a trip out of the country or outside your area, it’s still a different experience.

All of these experiences will prepare you for work and situations you may find yourself in the future.


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